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About Alcis

Alcis is a SME implanted since 1999 in Besançon, in the heart of Europe, in a region rich in micro-technical skills. 
Thanks to the experience of its founders (more than 20 years), Alcis gives to its customers and partners, an experience confirmed by the biomedical industry in many domains. 
Alcis leans on subcontractors' network who are professionals of the medical sector. This network allows the implementation of the various technologies necessary for the manufacturing of the medical devices. 
The skills which Alcis gives to its partners or customers arise from concrete realizations: development or launch on the market of differents medical devices (several tens), from the accessory of class I to the active implant of class III. 
So the step allowing to transform an idea patented in a CE marked product ready to be marketed is mastered by Alcis what allows its to complete effectively the skills of its customers or partners. 
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   Alcis - About Alcis
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