Electrodes – RANGE 2069-EPC

    Main features:

    • Implantable OD: 0.8mm
    • Number of contacts: jusqu’à 18
    • Material: PtIr
    • Up to 120mmExploration length: u
    • Implantation time: up to 2 weeks
    • Distal end: tip contact, perfectly smooth surface, reinforced semi-rigid structure.
    • Packaging: unitary sterile

    CE 1014 class III medical devices.

    • The ALCIS intracerebral depth electrodes are multi-contacts electrodes dedicated to SEEG recording and to short stimulation in the context of pre-surgical diagnosis of epilepsy, and also to thermocoagulation, as therapeutic alternative of the conventional surgery.

      The thermocoagulation can be directly performed with the electrodes previously implanted. It Is realized between two contiguous macro contacts, using a compatible RF generator and a connection box. The Alcis connection box 2069-BC3 allows to select a couple of contact to coagulate, but also with a simple action on a button, to check the EEG signal on a recording system, just after the thermocoagulation.

    • The Alcis electrodes are available in several ranges:

      • standard,
      • high resolution,
      • long step,
      • micro-macro.

      The standard range meets most of the exploration needs, Alcis created the high resolution range, to propose a high special resolution of the EEG signal. The long step range offers a longer exploration length for a same number of contacts. The micro-macro electrodes enable to record EEG signal on two different scales: micro and macro scales.