Our products

  • Depth electrodes

    The ALCIS intracerebral depth electrodes are multi-contacts electrodes dedicated to SEEG recording and to short stimulation in the context of pre-surgical diagnosis of epilepsy, and also to thermocoagulation, as therapeutic alternative of the conventional surgery.

  • Recording and Thermocoagulation

    The Alcis coagulation depth electrodes are intended to perform thermocoagulation “in-situ”, in association with a RF generator, as therapeutic alternative to conventional epilepsy surgery (especially for patients for who conventional surgery is excluded).
    Alcis proposes a Global Solution for Coagulation.

  • Accessories

    In addition to our electrodes, we have a range of accessories allowing the installation of our product.

  • Stereotaxy

    The ALCIS stereotactic guides have been designed to ensure a precise guiding of surgical stereotactic tools such as drill, biopsy needle, screwdriver, etc., they are compatible with the main stereotactic systems; i.e. frames as well as surgical robots