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Since 1999, Alcis has designed, manufactured and obtained certification for innovative medical devices, especially for neurology and neurosurgery. We are located in Besançon, Eastern France, where we enjoy the local know-how in micro-techniques which gives us access to leading-edge technologies, to a large network of specialized subcontractors and to a qualified workforce. Our expertise derives from concrete achievements (several tens of products, from class I accessories to class III active devices). Our Alcis Neuro range offers a complete solution for the diagnosis and treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy thanks to our intracerebral electrodes. 

Humans are Alcis’s core priority

Alcis is a small company which promotes work-life balance and equal opportunities in recruitment. Moreover, Alcis is aware of the social responsibility of businesses as well as the environmental challenge caused by medical devices. Alcis is committed to being a responsible corporate citizen and therefore adopted a CSR charter in 2023. We put our expertise at the service of patients: we are committed to helping to improve healthcare through the manufacturing of high-quality medical devices and technological innovation. 

They talk about us

Romain Carron

It’s been more than thirteen years now that I ‘ve been implanting Alcis SEEG electrodes in adult patients. This is a product line I am very confident with. It enables to cover a wide range of useful exploration lengths. It is reliable and easy to handle

Romain Carron, Neurosurgeon at La Timone Hospital (Marseille, France)
Fabrice Bartolomei

I’ve been using ALCIS electrodes for SEEG in Marseille for many years. They provide an excellent electrophysiological signal and high reliability for both research and clinical practice.

Pr Fabrice Bartolomei, Neurologist and Head of Epileptology and Rythmology department at La Timone Hospital (Marseille, France)

Our products

For over 25 years, Alcis has developped and marketed a complete range of products dedicated to the neurosurgical field, and especially to the treatment of drug-resistant epilepsy through SEEG (StereoElectroEncephaloGraphy). 

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