Depth coagulation electrodes

Range 2069-EPC

Our range 2069-EPC

Alcis Depth Coagulation Electrodes (EPC) are intracerebral multicontact electrodes designed for SEEG recording and short stimulation within the scope of presurgical diagnosis for epilepsy, as well as for thermocoagulation as a therapeutic alternative to conventional surgery. They can remain implanted in the brain for up to two weeks.  Thermocoagulation is performed directly on the implanted electrodes. It can be performed between two adjacent macro-contacts using a compatible generator and Alcis connecting box (2069-BC3). 


2 exclusive electrodesHR with 2mm step & one 18-contact electrode with 4mm step
Implantable diameter0.8mm
Number of contactsUp to 18
Exploration lengthUp to 80.5mm
Implantation durationUp to 2 weeks
“Blunt tip” distal partDistal contact, perfectly smooth surface, reinforced semi-rigid structure
PackagingIndividual sterile single-use

Types of EPC

Alcis electrodes are divided into different ranges:
Electrodes from 5 to 18 contacts with 3.5mm step
High resolution:
15- and 18-contact electrodes with 2mm step. They allow to concentrate the EEG signal in a smaller area in order to refine the diagnosis, in specific brain areas (especially the insula area).
4mm step:
18-contact electrode with 4mm step which offers a longer exploration length compared to a standard electrode with the same number of contacts.
Micro-macro electrodes allow to perform a 2-scale EEG recording:
micro and macro scales.

Types of EPC:
Standard Electrode: 2mm
High Resolution: 1mm
Micro-Macro: 20µm

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