Manufacturing services

We manufacture your products in a controlled environment

ALCIS is specialized in manufacturing small and medium-size series of medical devices in a controlled environment. Our specialties are high-tech, micro-tech, small and medium series. Since its creation in 1999, Alcis has been willing to put its expertise and its skilled staff at the service of other stakeholders in the medical field.

Indeed, alongside the manufacturing of its own ranges of products, Alcis offers its manufacturer experience for the benefit of your products. This practical experience enables us to better understand and meet your needs within the framework of provision of services. We put our high-skilled staff at your disposal, with expertise in new technologies and class III neurosurgery and cardiovascular devices.

Alcis’s production unit includes a controlled atmosphere area (cleanroom) which is composed of 125m² ISO 7 environment and other workspaces under ISO 5 laminar flow hoods.

We provide various technologies under controlled atmosphere: laser welding, assembly, cleaning, and packaging. We can also integrate another technology or process specific to your products. We can inspect, clean, assemble, package your products and have them sterilized (via subcontracting). All the implemented processes and methods are subject to inspections and validations in accordance with the relevant standards.