Container for organ transportation

The Biotainer ®2.8L (ref. 2093-BIO2,8) is intended for the packaging, transport and preservation of the graft after its removal for possible transplantation. Use of the Biotainer ®2.8L container is indicated for the transportation of kidney, heart or pancreas.

Biotainer ®2.8L

Biotainer 2.8L

This single-use product is provided sterile and is made up of a lid with gasket, a 2.8L pot and two pouches. The Biotainer 2.8L container must be used with an appropriate organ preservation liquid.

Compatible suits and associated accessories:

  • Transport container VITALPACK® EVO (Ref : 2093-VP2)
  • Organ preservation liquids such as IGL-1, Custodiol ®, SCOT 15, ViaSpan, Perfadex ®

The VITALPACK® EVO container is intended for the packaging, transport and preservation of an organ in cold ischemia : either in a humid environment (crushed ice between -2°C and 0°C) or in a dry environment (eutectic plates). It is made up of a transport bag, an isothermal tank, 4 eutectic plates and a cushioning system for 2.8L Biotainer. The VITALPACK® EVO device is intended to be used maximum 10 times over a 3-year period. It can maintain the Biotainer® at a temperature <4°C for 16 hours.

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